Equipment & Benefits


Sculling exercises the three major muscle groups; legs, back and arms as well as the heart and circulatory system. Sculling allows one to choose the level of exertion in a low impact, fluid action because the body's weight is supported by the boat. Sculling works the body symmetrically and has proved to be good therapy for many injuries.

The skills developed in sculling transfer readily to sweep rowing. Many school and college athletes have found that our sculling course has greatly improved their rowing performance when they return to school.

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Our fleet includes a variety of stable open water shells for novices (Smallcraft, Maas, Van Dusen), several training shells for more advanced scullers and a selection of high performance Van Dusen racing shells.  Students are encouraged to learn in boats which are on the stable side for their skill level, but may try the trickier boats toward the end of their instruction period.

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Most students are masters (over age 27). 20% are 14 to 21 years old and 5% are elite or National Team level.